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White Knight To The Rescue

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

When Dina and Shelly entered the Leon Mayer Fund office, it was obvious that they were extremely uncomfortable. Having gotten married only 2 years earlier, they quickly found themselves in a credit card hole that they could not seem to dig out of. Both sets of parents were either unable or unwilling to help, and when they sat at our desk, they begged for our help.

Our first step was to work with them to understand their budget versus their income. It turns out, that their combined income was more than sufficient, they were just in a horrible spiral of high APR’s and monthly payments that put them in the red.

The Leon Mayer Fund found a “White Knight” who was willing to anonymously come to their rescue. He loaned them the $31,544 they owed through our 5013c fund, and worked out a 0% interest loan for payback. 2 years have passed, and they have only 14 payments left. This is just another family that the Leon Mayer Fund saved.

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