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In 2021, Schulder Free Loan Fund was founded and funded by Howard Schulder to provide interest free loans to people in need. This Fund is the culmination of Howard’s dream during his 45 years in the Asset Based Lending business.


The Fund reaches out to those in the Five Towns, Far Rockaway and surrounding areas with financial hardships. To minimize expenses and maximize credibility the Fund is under the auspices of the Leon Mayer Fund & Kosher Response a substantial charity in the area providing other services to those in need. In addition, all operations from loan application to funding to repayment records are handled by the Hebrew Free Loan Society which has been doing this work since 1872! Howard’s goal is to provide numerous loans to people to overcome sudden financial hurdles that arise. 


As repayments of loans are received the funds continually go to new borrowers over and over. Howard is hopeful that those that can use these loans submit an application as explained in the website.

In addition, anyone interested in supporting this endeavor can help grow the fund by making a tax deductible contribution.

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