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Mark Ramer was born on April 22nd, 1947 in Southern Poland, shortly after his parents, Zosia and Leon Ramer, were liberated from a nearby concentration camp after the Holocaust. He grew up in Poland until age 10, when they moved to a Displaced Persons camp in Italy on their way to Israel. After arriving in America in 1960, he learned English, went on to Jamaica High School, Queens College, and then ultimately NYU Dental School. He practiced dentistry for 10 years and then transitioned into Real Estate. 


His identity was shaped, first and foremost, as the son of two Holocaust survivors, and he devoted much of his adult life to ensuring Jewish continuity by transmitting Torah values through support of his local community, the Jewish world at large, and Jewish education. He served as President of the Jewish Center of Atlantic Beach, where he enhanced the lives of countless members of the congregation and instilled a sense of unity to the synagogue and community.


Mark joined JCC Global 15 years ago, bringing much enthusiasm to their cause of building on the uniqueness of each and every JCC worldwide and creating relationships that inspire Jews and Jewish communities all over the globe.  He became President of JCC Global and had the privilege of visiting many of these centers and communities.


When Mark visited the Jewish community in Mexico City, his enthusiasm was invigorated.  He returned home, telling anyone who would listen about the way that this Jewish community cares for each other.  He told of a Chesed Center, where members of the community in need could shop for clothing, housewares and the like, in a dignified manner.  His dream was to replicate this on Long Island.  With the opening of the Mark Ramer Chesed Center, his dream becomes a reality. 

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