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The Leon Mayer Fund is many things for many families. It provides emergency assistance to those in need while maintaining their dignity. This includes newlyweds, families with single parents, and those who have recently lost their jobs.  We offer food & clothing subsidies and assist in many other ways.


The fund also helps families enjoy the holidays by helping subsidize meals for thousands of families in numerous communities. Using community volunteers, the Leon Mayer Fund distributed food to those who are in need. In addition, the fund arranges many community-wide events/meals during the year.


Lastly, the fund helps families that have amassed credit card debt by helping negotiate with the lenders free of charge. We offer credit counseling and help young couples better understand the importance of good credit and proper techniques for family budgeting.

Additionally, the fund is involved with many other community needs including but not limited to:

  • Camp tuition assistance

  • Emergency Loans (guarantor required – conditions apply)

  • Medical Assistance

  • School Placement

  • Family Issues.

What the Leon Mayer Fund does not do:

  • Pay mortgages

  • Give Interest-free loans (without a backer)

  • Pay Bills

  • Support Families


The Leon Mayer Fund has zero overhead. You read correctly, there is no overhead. Every dollar you donate is 100% tax-deductible and goes directly to those in need. We don’t have offices, and we have negotiated special discounts with specific vendors which actually makes your donation worth more! If you donate $100, it can be worth as much as $125 to the Fund.


We rely on our community for fundraising. We do not make calls. We do not send out repeat mailings.  However, we need your assistance to help those in need. Please help pay it forward.

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