Success Stories

Truly Blessed

Having 5 wonderful children is truly a blessing, but when Dave entered the Leon Mayer Fund office, he was not feeling very thankful. He had just lost his job, and the looming holidays threatened to bring additional stress instead of the usual joy. Dave had already approached a few local organizations, but they had told him they were not equipped to handle a case of his magnitude. Our first step was finding out Dave’s skills so we could find him a temporary job. It took a few quick phone calls, and we set up a few interviews. The second step was to ensure that Dave had food on his table. The Leon Mayer Fund have him some Gourmet Glatt Cards to cover his family while he was job-hunting. Lastly, Dave’s family was added to our Delivery list, and they joined the hundreds of families getting deliveries of basic necessities, some extras and yes even some toys for the kids. Dave is now once again working full time and he is so grateful to the Leon Mayer Fund for getting him through that difficult period with his dignity intact.

White Knight to the Rescue

When Dina and Shelly entered the Leon Mayer Fund office, it was obvious that they were extremely uncomfortable. Having gotten married only 2 years earlier, they quickly found themselves in a credit card hole that they could not seem to dig out of. Both sets of parents were either unable or unwilling to help, and when they sat at our desk, they begged for our help. Our first step was to work with them to understand their budget versus their income.  It turns out, that their combined income was more than sufficient, they were just in a horrible spiral of high APR’s and monthly payments that put them in the red. The Leon Mayer Fund found a “White Knight” who was willing to anonymously come to their rescue. He loaned them the $31,544 they owed through our 5013c fund, and worked out a 0% interest loan for payback. 2 years have passed, and they have only 14 payments left.  This is just another family that the Leon Mayer Fund saved.

Getting the Party Started

Getting married is usually a time of tremendous joy and celebration. However for Moshe it was also a bittersweet time. His parents had both passed away years earlier, and his fiancée was from a broken home. Moshe was understandably concerned as the weeks passed without a wedding date being set. When a friend of his approached the Leon Mayer Fund on his behalf, we got the ball rolling. We spoke with a caterer who helped us work out a date and then called a local band who agreed to help out. We worked out some dates with Moshe and his fiancée and literally got the party started. However, we didn’t stop there. We made sure that Moshe went to Emporio and got himself some nice suits, ties and shoes to wear for the wedding. We didn’t do it for the beautiful card we got, we did it because that is what the Leon Mayer Fund is all about.